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Oncology Care Management

Saisystems Health Oncology Care Management


Our oncology care model targets gaps in care related to treatment and patient management. Lack of coordination during critical phases of the cancer journey can create serious consequences. We work with patients throughout the entirety of their journey, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and end-of-life care. Care plan components are tracked with over 150 reportable outcome measures to provide concrete evidence of members’ care trajectories and demonstrate the value of care management.

Community-embedded care management extends past the walls of the practice into the community to give a holistic a view of the patient in-between visits. Our care team also acts as a safety net for the patient and their family by providing proactive side effect management, treatment and medication adherence, patient advocacy, survivorship resources, service coordination, and establishing open communication and referrals with the oncology care team.

Some elements of the program include:
  • Patient stratification through our intriCare software
  • Oncology care management expertise
  • Identification of barriers to care, gaps and red flags
  • Community-embedded, team approach
  • Education on navigating the healthcare system
  • Proactive side effect management
  • NCCN guidelines compliance


  • 42% Reduction in ER visits
  • 52% Decrease in hospital admits
  • 95% Engagement rate
Saisystems Health Oncology Care Continuum

Guide patients throughout the entire cancer journey.

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