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Our unique, customizable intriCare software is a patient-centered, HIPPA-secured care coordination platform. It is proven to improve care outcomes for high-risk patients and reduce costs for providers and payors by centralizing information for easy accessibility. We believe that improvements in care, self-management and financial outcomes are realized by reducing redundancy and duplication through intriCare.

The system incorporates intuitive, built-in care templates featuring point and click screens accessible from any browser. Our agile implementation allows intriCare to integrate into any existing system within 30 days. Practice managers can also assign role-based access according to the level of interaction with patients, providing the right information at the right time.

Risk Stratification

Reporting and Analytics

The care plan tracker monitors the process of treatment in a single view for any care manager. Team members are able to work simultaneously with ongoing shared information and workflows. Detailed analytics provide insight into patient identification for acuity, risk and ongoing reassessment of severity, as well as key performance indicator progress. intriCare software also periodically reviews patient data to recommend and coordinate referrals to other health care professionals, when appropriate.


Financial Outcomes

intriCare is proven to streamline payor financial performance through its comprehensive, multi-dimensional front and back-end analytics. The platform utilizes robust analytics and graphic dashboards so each user sees the information that is most important to them, with the flexibility to change views as the patient’s condition warrants. Practice administrators can easily track dollars spent such as medical loss ratio through seamless integration into back-office applications. Real-time reporting allows users to react quickly and concisely to make any immediate clinical and financial changes.

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Stratify and manage patients with ease.

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