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Saisystems Health CMS OCM Pilot


Don't Pilot CMS OCM Alone. Take the Journey with a Trusted Partner to Guarantee Results.

Prepare for takeoff: The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations (CMMI) program is approaching its second year. Since 2016, the CMS OCM Model has driven oncology through navigation with coordination of care in practices. In the effort to create improve care and reduce costs, the program's design has led participating practices to success--but not without its challenges.

Saisystems Health is a partner for practices that have procedures in place, but do not want to exhaust current staff and systems. Our pilot program meets all CMS reporting requirements, including NCQA Care Management Standards. Our team's combined oncology, chronic, and Medicare experience provides an unprecedented edge on managing co-morbidities and directly addressing the CMS OCM triple aim of better care, better health and lower costs through improved quality.

We with the CMS focus on four aspects of cancer treatment:

  • Episode-based care
  • Practice transformation
  • Multi-payor model
  • Performance-based payment

Cut through the clutter to provide value to patients and savings for practices, all while meeting reporting and analytic guidelines for CMS.

Collaboration, not control

Success in the CMS OCM Pilot is reliant on program design. Audits and improvements to operational processes are key to reducing costs and accelerating your practice’s potential for maximized shared savings.

Transform your approach through data

Most practices are unknowingly sitting on gold mines of information that should be saving them money and better guide the implementation of clinical guidelines. Uncover what your data has to offer with our advanced risk stratification, robust analytics and reporting, and expert HCC coding team to improve your delivery of care.

Bring together the best

Our program integrates with your current staff to extend the patient safety net into the community. Our care team combines social work, navigation, and coordination of services and resources to meet the ever-growing needs of patients both during and after treatment.

Crack the CMS OCM Code with Saisystems Health.

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