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Chronic Care Management

Saisystems Health Chronic Care Management


Our chronic care management program employs a community-embedded approach combined with analytics to identify the most at-risk patients and stratify them to appropriate levels of care interventions. The goal is to improve care for members, which results in reduced costs for stakeholders. We strive to provide chronically ill patients the right care at the right time, while preventing medical errors and avoiding unnecessary duplication of services. Our proven methodology and data for identifying patient disability is a key indicator of determining the most vulnerable patients in a population.

Saisystems Health believes that patients benefit when their doctor, healthcare provider and hospital work collaboratively, because they are working together to provide the best care possible.
Some elements of the program include:
  • Patient stratification with our intriCare software
  • Chronic care management expertise
  • Identification of barriers to care, gaps and red flags
  • Community-embedded, team approach
  • Education on navigating the healthcare system


  • 52% Reduction in hospital admits
  • 35% Reduction in claims cost
  • 42% Reduction in ER visits
  • 72 Point decline in medical cost ratio
Saisystems Health Chronic Care Management Continuum

Identify the patients who need you most in the care continuum.

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