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    Accurate records lead to maximum reimbursements
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    A suite of solutions to help build your practice
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We Are Saisystems Health

Our experienced teams specialize in Provider Risk Assessment and Management Solutions and Healthcare Managed Services for Long Term Care, SNF and other Post-Acute providers.

Our innovative clinical, financial, and software solutions are proven to improve operations, ensure compliance, and maximize reimbursement. As a National Minority Supplier of the Year awardee with multi-accredited team members, our clients find increased value in engaging with us for healthcare services and business consulting.

Revenue Cycle Management

Seamlessly implement end-to-end financial and business operations for NP practices of every size. Whether skilled nursing, acute, or long-term care, we master medical coding, billing, credentialing, and more to boost your reimbursements. Our navigatEHR technology suite has you covered from mobile charge capture to immersive practice management.


Spend more time with patients, not payors

Provider Services

Long Term Care, SNF and other Post-Acute providers practicing in the new “Pay for Performance” landscape depend upon a facilitated infrastructure that allows them to focus their attention on delivering care.

  • HCC Risk Scoring
  • Pre-Procedural risk and Resource Management
  • PDPM Support
  • MIPS Reporting

Optimize your risk


Streamline the provider reimbursement cycle from the beginning with a simple charge capture process. Our proprietary billEHR app eliminates the stress and time of documenting patient visits post appointment, recording your CPT and ICD-10 codes and submitting them for billing. Increase collections without losing time with patients through billEHR.


Our back office in your back pocket

HCC Coding

The Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) risk adjustment model is used by CMS (The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) to calculate risk scores and it is imperative for your practice to maintain accurate diagnoses records to achieve the maximum reimbursement.


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Who We Serve



High-risk patients often require the most resources both clinically and financially. Our teams identify vulnerable populations through proprietary stratification software to focus care on these high-need patients. Backed by our practice management, care teams, and data analytics, patients are surrounded by a safety working in the best interests of their health.



Are you a provider facing pressure to deliver both quality care and sustained financial performance? Don’t sweat it—we have real-time, data-driven solutions customizable to your needs. Our business consulting directs some of the top performing practices on the East Coast through risk exposure strategies, care coordination, and enhanced financial and operational planning.



Our innovation ensures payor solution availability in real-time. Whether by phone, tablet, or desktop, Saisystems Health has the dashboards necessary for financial and clinical success. Our team leverages payor expertise to enhance collaboration with providers, resulting in reduced administrative costs and accelerated, accurate payment for all stakeholders.

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