Value-Added RCM Services



Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering high quality services to every client. Our dedicated quality assurance team performs internal audits on a regular basis, ensuring that each process meets both industry regulations and the expectations of our clients, according to their specific service level agreements. External quality checks are built into our processes by automating them wherever possible to minimize the potential for human error.

Areas of focus include:

  • billEHR, our mobile charge capture application

  • Automated payment postings

  • Timely denials management processes

  • Regular and custom reporting


Provider Education

Saisystems Health is also dedicated to ongoing process improvement and partnering with providers to navigate the ever-changing field of healthcare. Our team keeps your practice abreast of legislative changes, and keeping current on global trends across commercial payers.

Our team also offers a vast array of customizable reports, available on a monthly or quarterly basis. Coinciding with these reports are governances – detailed presentations where members of our team speak with your practice to promote data transparency and the exchange of information. Reports may include collection trend analysis, practice-specific coding suggestions to increase reimbursement, analysis of outstanding accounts receivable, changes to commercial payers’ rules, and more.

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