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Caregiver Burnout


Caregiver Burnout

By: Samantha Manns, Marketing Specialist

Before you get too far into this post, give yourself a pat on the back if you are a caregiver. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Did you have any difficulty rewarding yourself? If so, you’re not alone. If you are not a caregiver, I’m sure there’s one in your life that deserves accolades, but is truly too busy to stop and be rewarded.

Burnout happens to everyone. Whether you’re an athlete, a mathematician or a digital coder, it’s only natural to feel worn out after consistently overexerting your energy. The same reigns true for caregivers.

The typical caregiver doesn’t exclusively assist a loved one—he or she lives an independent life, including a day job and family, while also running the household of a chronically ill relative. These superheroes have the power of giving; it’s even part of their name.


However, their greatest weakness may be self-care. Even the strongest need downtime, and burnout is proof of the mental and physical strains caregiving can place on your own health.

Saisystems Health has curated a few ways to combat burnout and help a caregiver in your life.

If you provide care, reevaluate the level of your involvement. • Is there another family member who could assist you? • Do you have the funds to hire a home health aide?

It can be difficult allowing a stranger to care for a loved one, but if it alleviates pressure on you, it may be beneficial to your wellbeing. You can still be involved with decisions, but share rather than assume all responsibilities. If you know a care superhero, lucky you—you’re in the presence of greatness! Put on a cape of your own and help out by bringing over meals or caring for pets on a night you know that he or she will be home late. The smallest actions can have the greatest impact, as every act of kindness helps settle the whirlwind of providing care while also living an independent life.

Most importantly, validate that the caregiver in your life is doing a great job. Pat the superhero on the back—and encourage them to give it a try too. To learn more about our Saisystems Health care management options, email info@saisystems.com or call 203-567-5260.