Our Approach

Saisystems Health is dedicated to quality healthcare and technology for high-risk patients. From care management services to revenue cycle management, we are centralizing patient needs while reducing costs with successful care outcomes.

Improve Patient Care

Our expert care management team coordinates provider and patient relationships to deliver the right care plan at the right time.

Increase Practice Revenue

Partner with our certified and experienced revenue cycle management team to avoid billing delays.

Leverage Payer Expertise

We enhance payer and provider collaboration to reduce administrative tasks and further automate accurate payment.

Analyze Quality Metrics

Our unique stratification technology platform has predictive software to allow clinicians to provide better care to patients.

  • 42%

    Reduction in ER visits

  • 35%

    Reduction in collection turnaround time

  • 72

    Point decline in MCR

  • 52%

    Reduction in hospital admits

Roles in the Healthcare Continuum


High-risk patients are identified through Saisystems Health's proprietary stratification software to focus care on the medically vulnerable. Patients are surrounded by a team of a nurse practitioner, care coordinator and social workers. This safety net provides the best health management possible.


Today's healthcare providers face increasing pressure to deliver both quality care and sustained financial performance. Saisystems Health provides data-driven solutions with real-time, predictive analytics to reduce risk exposure, improve care and enhance clinical, financial and operational performances.


Our modern technology ensures solutions are available exactly when and where they are needed across various devices. We leverage our payer expertise to enhance payer and provider collaboration. This alignment results in reduced administrative costs and improved automated, accelerated and accurate payment.


Effective care coordination requires data to flow seamlessly across all parts of the healthcare ecosystem, as well as meet the latest federal and state regulations. By aligning common incentives, all parties can reduce costs and improve their quality of care services with credentialing and compliance from Saisystems Health.